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08 August 2014 @ 08:00 pm
Shinobi Desolation  
RPG NAME: Shinobi Desolation
LINK: http://shinobi-desolation.proboards.com/
LOOKING FOR: All kinds of members on all kinds of levels!
Description: We are a 100% Original character alternate universe roleplay. Set about 300 years after the Naruto series we have some advancements that give us Korra-like technology, the most notable being trains (but no cars or guns!) As a fairly new site we still have plenty of openings. There's no word limit for posting and the staff are quite friendly and helpful. Those new to Naruto or to forum RP I'd be glad to teach how to play.

"Following the hundred year stint of prosperity and tranquility in the aftermath of the Fifth Great Shinobi War, a familiar threat returned. After the Shinobi Alliance succeeded in protecting the world as it was, the infamous 'Tailed Beasts' of legend were sealed away by the Kages. However, the beasts were not entierly forgotten, as the chakra they shared with the "Chosen One" remained with the boy for the rest of his life. Unknowingly, the presence of this chakra forged a bond between the souls of the human and the nine demonic beasts - and when the Chosen One died, the now-severed bond resulted in tragedy. Torn away from the Bijuu was the one thing that brought them warmth and comfort during their years of slumber; without it, they awoke and tore apart their container as if it were made of twigs.

With both their freedom and a blind fury unlike that which any had ever seen in their possession, the beasts tore across the landscape and devastated a completely unprepared society. The chaos of these events brought long-forgotten fears to the surface, sowing seeds of distrust amongst the major players of the shinobi world. The fight to reclaim the rampaging Bijuu has cost the hidden villages too much too quickly, leaving bitterness and scorn between allies whom had worked together so closely for over a century. Shinobi tremble in fear, civilians barricade their doors, annd Kage toss aside their hats and step onto the field of battle.

The promised era of peace has come to and end, and amidst the smoldering ruins of the world whispers of war have begun to spring anew."