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15 July 2013 @ 02:22 pm
looking for a KAKAIRU rp!!  

Name: Kelly
LJ: This one i don't really use it though.. So please don't contact me here!
Email: dahwnstar@gmail.com !!
I rp on email alone ! Sorry!
Timezone: CET

What you RP:
I can rp anything! Au, Modern life, High school life, post war it's all fine!
what i am looking for right now is regular human au or a slice of life in konoha kind of rp (kakairu)

Characters you RP:
Iruka Umino, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Yamato, Genma Shiranui, Tayuya, Shii/C and several more
The italic ones are the ones i prefer playing right now

Characters you’re looking to interact with:
KAKASHI HATAKE. I absolutely love KakaIru and i've been craving for a Kakairu reply for a very long time!
Sasuke Uchiha/Naruto Uzumaki; For a SasuNaru rp : )
i'll also accept Shikamaru for NaruShika or a Kakashi for KakaYama and Darui for DaruShi

Any specific storyline ideas, or general feelings involved with RPing:
I usually do romance, drama rps with a story line of some kind. I love Human AU rp's with for example Kakashi and Iruka working at the same building or meeting or the street or something and for Sasuke and Naruto to go to the same school together. This is not something specific it's just to show you a little what i like.. I always discuss the storyline with my rp parter until we find something nice to rp!
I do absolutely NO Mpreg or out of character kind of rp's

Do you smut?: YES. And more. My rps are often sexual included, as well as rape, sexual violence, abuse, kinky, and more. Whatever kinky shit you're into, let me know. I'm very open to pretty much anything and everything. Just say so. I won't judge. It has to fit a certain story line though i do not like just simple porn plots
: )

Other information:
I rp on email and email alone! i tried different ways before like Skype and MSN and many many more and came to the conclusion that i enjoy rp in email most!

I rp in sentences and paragraphs. Some long and some not; depends, i do always try to write replies as long as possible though! i'm not a big fan of short replies myself to that's why, sorry!. I expect the same from you. Some grammar skills are a must! I don't wanna look at what you write and go "what the fuck kinda shit is this?!". And none of those * things or some shit like that. No. I'm a writer, I WRITE!

I'm online nearly every day and i honestly.. refresh my email whenever i can.. honeslty always..
You should be too. None of those reply one day and dissappear for days ! It's okay if you leave for a day or 2 i have that too ! But please keep me updated, i hate the feeling you get when you wait and wait for a reply that doesn't come!

Forgive me for my rudeness, i hope you'll concider responding to my add!!